Mossberg & Sons Accu-Choke, 95231, 20 Ga, 500,535, Extra Full Ported, Lead Only


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MOSSBERG & SONS INC Accu-Mag Choke Tubes

Mossberg Extra Full Ported Choke Tube For 500

Most Mossberg shotguns come with screw-in choke tubes, but many shooters like to add to the standard tubes or need replacements. Mossberg offers such a wide selection from skeet to turkey tubes. Accu-Mag choke tubes handle lead, steel and all other non-toxic loads. Each choke tube is marked with a shot patterning designation as a guide. Patterns can vary depending on ammunition brand, load, and shot size.

SPECIFICATIONS:Mfg Item Num: 95231 Category: CHOKE TUBES Type :Accu-ChokeGauge :20Choke size :Extra Full PortedModel :500,535Finish :Lead Only